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Horse Barns and Chicken Coops

Wishing to buy a few animals but don't have a barn for them? The Shelter is a perfect investment for your pasture! Give those ponies, calves, sheep, or goats a place to stay warm and dry in the winter and provide them with shade in the summer. If you are on a tight budget and only plan to have a few small animals as a hobby, you can order a simple, economical shelter. Or if you are a serious farmer, move up to our bigger shelters for cattle and horses. Ask for one with or without a floor, depending on your needs. We can install gates in the openings if you need the alternative of keeping your animals inside at certain times. Add a closed-in tack room for those saddles and feed bags so that all you need is kept safe and dry in one spot. Our 4x6 Chicken Coops are designed to hold around 12 chickens. We can custom build bigger sizes to fit your certain needs!

Your hobby farm may be closer to becoming a reality than you had thought! Call us today at 574-967-3233 and we will do all we can to help you!

Storage Shed Options

  • Size from 8x8 to 14x40
  • Tackroom
  • Window sizes: 18x23, 24x27, 24x36
  • Metal Siding
  • Doors
  • Floors

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