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Need something to make your sprays stick better and longer? Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker helps insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, miticides, and liquid fertilizers stick to the plants or other surfaces you want to treat. It is especially useful for surfaces that don’t absorb sprays well, such as the side of a building or thin blades of grass.

Application rates vary anywhere from two to four tablespoons per gallon, depending which type of spray you mix with Spreader Sticker. The active ingredients are 90% alcohol ethoxylate, alkylphenol ethoxylate and 10% spray adjuvants.

Top Characteristics of Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker

• It increases the absorption, translocation, and stickiness of herbicides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers, etc.

• It ups the performance of the active spray ingredients. You get more worth out of your spray or fertilizer, saving you money!

• It’s a low-foaming, non-ionic surfactant that does not contain oils.

• It’s useful on crops, lawns, and ornamental plants.


Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer, a broad-spectrum, post-emergent herbicide, kills annual and perennial weeds, annoying grasses, vines, and brush. Do you need to clear turf for planting a flowerbed, clean up a fence row, or eliminate weeds around buildings, patios, and driveways? Killzall Weed and Grass Killer can do the job for you! It can even prevent stump regrowth.

This herbicide, formulated for actively growing plants, controls ryegrass, bluegrass, beggarweed, barnyardgrass, clover, chickweed, Bermudagrass, bull thistle, cattails, dandelions, Kentucky bluegrass, poison oak, poison ivey, sumac, thistles, and more! For best results, spray the plants before the seed heads form. Killzall does not go through the soil from one plant to the next. It contains 41% glyphosate.

How Should You Apply Killzall Weed and Grass Killer?

1. Oak Lane sells the Killzall Weed and Grass Killer that is ready-to-use. Buy our 32-ounce or 1-gallon bottle. Both come with a handy spray nozzle. Do you have a large area you need to spray? Try our Hi-Yield Killzall SUPER Concentrate Weed and Grass Killer in the 2.5-gallon size.

2. Choose a warm summer day with temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Killzall is rainfast after 24 hours, so pick a day that has no rain in the forecast for the next 24 hours.

4. Apply during a calm part of the day so that the spray does not drift to plants that you want to keep alive.

5. Spray the infested areas. Killzall Grass and Weed Killer kills the weeds at the roots.

Tired of stooping down and pulling weeds? Spray them instead!


Do you need a way to control the weeds invading the edges of your fountain or pond? Hi-Yield Killzall Aquatic Herbicide kills weeds growing in watery places. This herbicide works well for plants sticking out of the water; it is not for the weeds that are submerged.

Killzall Aquatic Herbicide controls aquatic annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf grasses, unwanted weed overgrowths, and woody growth. It can be used to remove stumps in water areas. It also kills weed pests such as chickweed, Canadian thistle, foxtails, ragweed, and many other plants listed on the label. This aquatic herbicide is perfect for treating a large area. One quart of concentrate mixed with the proper amount of water covers an area of up to one acre! It contains 53.8% glyphosate.

A systemic herbicide, Hi-Yield Killzall attacks weeds through the leaves and at the root of the plant. Results for annuals show up as quickly as two to four days after application. Perennials may take up to a week for the herbicide to begin killing the plants. This herbicide kills everything green. It does not sterilize the soil.

Be sure to follow the cautions on the label when applying Killzall Aquatic Herbicide. As with most weed killers, avoid contact with skin. Choose a calm day so the spray lands on the weeds you want to kill and does not drift further than you planned! This product is recommended for ponds that do not contain fish.


Maintain a beautiful lawn with Fertilome Weed Free Zone! Weed Free Zone is a herbicide used to eliminate over 80 tough weeds that want to pop up in your turf.

On Which Types of Lawns Can I Use Fertilome Weed Free Zone?

It is safe for established lawns containing perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, red fescue, common Bermuda grass, colonial bentgrass, hybrid Bermuda grass, zoysia grass, Bahia grass, buffalo grass, centipede grass, and St. Augustine grass. The label gives directions for application rates for specific weeds.

What Varieties of Weeds Does Fertilome Weed Free Zone Control?

It controls over 80 of the most difficult broadleaf weeds including ground ivy, clover, chickweed, spurge, dandelion, oxalis, poison ivy, henbit, purslane, thistle, shepherd’s purse, Virginia buttonweed, wild onion, and many more!

What Are the Active Ingredients in Fertilome Weed Free Zone? It combines four proven weed killers.

• 2,4-D, 2-Ethylhexyl ester - 10.49%
• Mecoprop-p, acid - 2.66%
• Dicamba, acid - 0.67%
• Carfentrazone-ethyl - 0.54%

How Do I Apply Fertilome Weed Free Zone?

Fertilome Weed Free Zone comes as a concentrate in a 16-ounce bottle or as a ready-to-use solution in a gallon container.

Weed Free Zone is a post-emergent weed killer and works best when applied to young, actively growing weeds. It performs well in cool weather and becomes rainfast after several hours. A pump sprayer works well for applying the herbicide.

To keep from stressing your lawn, do not mow directly before applying the weed killer. After application, wait to mow again so that the spray has time to work and get down to the roots of the plants.

Apply Weed Free Zone when there is adequate moisture in the soil, preferably in the spring and fall. You can apply it in the summer, but if the conditions are dry and the weeds are older, the herbicide may not be as effective.

For mature weeds and dense infestations, apply Weed Free Zone at two to six-week intervals over the entire area. You can also perform spot treatments as a follow-up or to treat sparse infestations. You may notice the effects of the herbicide within hours after spraying. The plants typically die within seven to fourteen days.

Fertilome Weed Free Zone may be the key to the beautiful lawn you have been dreaming of!


Oak Lane Structures offers you a product that triples as an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. You can use Fertilome Triple Action on fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, nuts, flowers, roses, and shrubs.

Insecticide. Fertilome Triple Action excites the insect pests, enticing the ones that are hiding to come out of their spot and into contact with the spray. It kills aphids, mealy bugs, whiteflies, beetles, leaf miners, weevils, cabbageworms, squash bugs, grasshoppers, stinkbugs, tomato hornworms, and many other pests.

Fungicide. Fertilome Triple Action used as a fungicide controls diseases such as anthracnose, rust, twig and tip blight, powdery mildew, snow mold, black spot, brown spot, downy mildew, botrytis, and more.

Miticide. As a miticide, Triple Action controls harmful mites that destroy your plants. It rids the plant of pests no matter what their stage – egg, larva, or adult.

Spray all leaf surfaces, including the undersides of leaves, until they are wet but not dripping. Apply every 14 days to eradicate pests and fungus. This product may be used up to the day of harvest.

The active ingredients are 0.25% pyrethrins and 70% clarified hydrophobic extract of neem oil. Oak Lane Structures sells Fertilome Triple Action in a 32-oz. spray bottle as a solution ready to use. We also have 16-oz. bottles of concentrate that you mix with water. Use two tablespoons (one ounce) per gallon of water.

Fertilome Triple Action is OMRI listed. It has been reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute and qualifies as organic.


Fertilome Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench is a systemic insecticide made to pour on the soil around the base of the tree or shrub. The roots absorb the pesticide and then translocate it through the rest of the tree. As the solution moves through the tree, it protects the tree from the inside out for up to twelve months. It even protects new growth that comes out during this time.

This solution is recommended for outdoor trees and shrubs as well as the following fruit and nut trees: apple, crabapple, pecan, loquat, mayhaw, quince, oriental pear, and pear trees.

Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench controls aphids, leaf beetles, vine weevil’s larvae, roundheaded borers, leafhoppers, mealybugs, leaf miners, pine tip moth larvae, psyllids, Japanese beetles, sawfly larvae, scales, thrips, whiteflies, and more! The active ingredient is Imidacloprid.

How Do I Apply Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench?


  • For trees, measure around the tree trunk at chest height. For every inch of the tree trunk's circumference, add the same amount of ounces to a gallon of water. For example, if the tree measures 30-inches around, mix 30-ounces of Insect Drench with a gallon of water. Pour the solution around the base of the tree, as close to the trunk as possible.

  • For trees with more than one trunk, measure around each trunk and add the measurements together. Take the total times 0.75 to find the total ounces you need to mix with a gallon of water.

  • If the tree has a circumference greater than 50”, mix the insecticide with two gallons of water.


  • Measure the height of the shrub to the nearest foot. Take the number of feet high times three. This total gives you the number of ounces you need to mix with a gallon of water.

    We recommend one application of the Insect Drench per year. Mid-fall is the ideal time to treat your shrubs and trees, but you can apply the Insect Drench anytime except when the ground is waterlogged or frozen. These soil conditions prevent the product from penetrating down into the root zone. If you plan to administer the pesticide during a dry time, water the tree well the night before you apply it.

    Complete protection from the Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench can take from one week to three months, depending on the health and size of the plant.

    Exasperated with those bugs eating up your tree? Fertilome Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench gives a quick and easy solution that only needs to be done once a year!